Sunday, November 6, 2011

Snooter-doots - an eco-sustainable gift of choice

DIrect from their website, "Snooter-doots™ are whimsical, handcrafted, art-dolls inspired by nature, featuring vegetables, bugs, fish, birds, fantasy creatures, and edibles. We are earth-friendly and sustainable! Snooter-doots are knit by hand from renewable wool and other animal fiber yarns before they are felted."

I couldn't believe I found such a great gift! Who could resist the idea that a handcrafted doll was not only unique in appearance and composition, but has it's own personality (the website says so) and it's own name and birthday. AND you can adopt one by visiting the Snooter-doot website ( It's worth visiting this website even if it's just to read the Snooter-doots story.

They even make a geoduck named Georgie. Cuter than his real-life model for sure.